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It is a true blessing to have met and worked with such amazing and courageous people.

I thank you all for your testimonials. You may not realise it, but allowing me to share your stories gives hope to many others who read what you have to say, and encourages them to take that first step in transforming their own lives. Thank you!


My first introduction to Jaspreet’s work was when I truly reached rock bottom. I was in a terrible state of depression and very suicidal. I had experienced several major bereavements, a relationship break up and I had got to a point in my life where I couldn’t breathe or think straight. Over a ten-year period every medical and therapy intervention had failed and I just couldn’t cope or function normally. Even after remarrying after being widowed, and having a child against all physical odds, I was still empty, the void of depression and grief was so over bearing. I felt like any ounce of energy was reserved to appear normal in the eyes of the world, and I was sleeping at every possible chance just to conserve energy to take care of my child.

The very first thing I noticed with Jaspreet was a huge calming aura. Her voice was so smooth and soft, and she didn’t react to anything I said no matter how shocking or depressing it was.

She has the ability to refocus your mind with just her voice and her recording. She calmly talks you back into reality and helps you help yourself.  She gives you tasks to do so that you can focus on your own recovery process.

The major thing I love about working with Jaspreet is her incredible sense of humour. It really helps a stressed situation and I can imagine that she would temper it to the client she is working with. She really does have a wonderful rapport with you and there is never any judgment.


One of my major issues was trust, and that people tend to hurt me.  Jaspreet was always there when I texted or called. When we would do some work together, she always checked in on me a few days later. I never feel abandoned and that is so important when you are pouring your deepest fears out to someone.


After what seemed like living in a black hole of depression, the effect of the therapy started taking effect.  Everyday there were things that were just clicking into place and I was breaking limitations of my beliefs.


It took ten years of grief, and only one session with Jaspreet, to finally be able to lift myself out of depression and to start living a full and love-filled life again for myself and my new family.


She is a great healer and genuinely tunes into her clients’ needs.



I had a session with Jaspreet for my Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I have suffered with extreme tiredness since I was a teenager and I am now in my 50’s so it’s been a long time! I was extremely ill with both this and fibromyalgia for many months recently.

Jaspreet's calm manner was so reassuring throughout our session and she was able to help me see and understand how my life’s circumstances had affected me with my health.


Within a few weeks after our session my energy slowly increased and now a good couple of months have passed, it has continually got better.


Unexpectedly my very painful stomach aches have totally gone! I am so delighted to be pain free and to wear tight clothes around my waist again, something I have not been able to do for many years!


Thank you Jaspreet!



Jaspreet's treatment and support has been a very positive experience. She helped me to address my issues with anxiety without judgement, whilst making me feel at ease throughout our session.


  • My feelings of confidence have greatly increased, and I am more comfortable expressing myself and communicating with others in an open and honest way.

  • I am able to make better decisions without second guessing myself or getting hung up on what other people might think or do in a similar situation.

  • I'm more aware and conscious of my limits and have no problem saying 'no' to others.

  • Feelings of guilt have subsided and I'm consciously able to stop my thoughts from spiralling.

  • I clearly see what needs improvement in my life and am confidently able to implement the small steps to achieve bigger goals.

  • I have a better capacity to remain calm in stressful situations and bounce back quickly from feelings of anxiety.

  • My body feels lighter now since I don't feel the physical sensations of anxiety and dread.

  • I am more capable of setting my own standards and acting more instinctively.


Overall, I feel like a more genuine version of myself.



After suffering from low confidence, I decided to visit Jas Bamra.


I opted for a group session on general confidence issues and I was surprised at how effective it was.

Her range of techniques has helped me overcome my fears and build my confidence and self-belief.


I would highly recommend Jas!



I had a session with Jaspreet about a lack of confidence and it has made a massive difference to my life!


I feel completely different about everything, so much happier and focused, and it has been noticed by other people too. An example - I felt able to stand up for myself when dealing with a difficult  situation at work much more easily, without the fear of judgment I used to have before. I have more self-worth and after many years, finally feel good enough.

Jaspreet is calm, easy to talk to, professional and really gets to the root cause of the issue. I can't recommend her highly enough!


Before the session I was always anxious, fed up of being a smoker, felt like I was in a vicious circle, constantly agitated and nervous but never showing it.

The session was good. I felt really relaxed with Jaspreet and went through some life events that I've never mentioned to others but knew if I wasn't honest then this won't work best for me. I felt a little nervous not knowing what to expect. During the session I felt safe, really relaxed, really surprised about revelations that came up but really excited to unravel more repressed thoughts and emotions. I felt light and really surprised with what came up. I started to feel detached from needing a cigarette.

Now, over a month post-session, I feel good about not needing to turn to a cigarette when I face certain situations. I feel that I have detached from wanting to smoke. I felt flutters in the heart as I recognised through cigarettes I was blocking to really feel my emotions. 


I loved working with Jaspreet, she was professional, explained the process in depth, gave me great material for after the session to reinforce the change, and most importantly I felt really safe being hypnotised under her. I look forward to working with Jaspreet again soon.



Before the session with Jas, I had lack of self confidence and had a feeling of anxiety, tightness in my throat.

The session was amazing, I felt safe and completely relaxed. I knew I was in good hands. Right after the session I felt a lightness and I also felt calm, relaxed and confident. The tightness in my throat felt a lot easier. I had a feeling of positive expectation.

I am listening and looking forward to listening to the recording every day. If at any time I feel any tightness in my throat or anxiety my mind immediately remembers that was the past and I become mindful of my breath and that I can do what ever I set my mind to. I would definitely work with you again and recommend you to others. You are a very skilled and empathic therapist.



I am grateful as I have a good life. However, I was limiting my potential due to confidence issues.

The session was powerful and insightful. It connected the dots to my confidence issues and where they stemmed from in childhood.

It made me aware of scenarios in my life I never had thought about. It was so powerful; I saw things from my childhood that I had no recollection of. It highlighted how our adult life is shaped by our childhood experiences. And this is powerful to know.


RTT can reach the depths of the our subconscious, pick out what is causing the issues in adult life. And this allowed me now to shine a light of awareness on these limitations and dissolve them away.


I do feel some difference in me and I continue to listen to the bespoke recording Jaspreet made for me. I am excited to see the long term effects.



The session felt very powerful. Going back and seeing where my beliefs had come from in my childhood was a game changer. 

It's completely changed my way of dealing with what is going on in my life. I'm confident that I can handle anything and have faith that things will work out. I had a huge insight nearly 4 weeks after the session (after listening to the recording most nights) which really shifted me to a different level. It's left me feeling confident and calm. It's really been transformational and I'm ready for the next stage in my life and to make bold moves.



After experiencing the loss of a very close friend I found myself struggling to find motivation to do even the most basic daily tasks. I was experiencing a lot of negative thoughts about the injustice that my friend's family and all that cared for him were having to deal with.

Listening to my recordings felt relaxing - to the extent I felt tired, often falling asleep. They however left me feeling stronger and less resentful. Immediately after listening the first time, I felt as though there was a lighter burden on my shoulders. Liberated almost.

Now almost more than a month later, I feel I'm in a much better place than I was before. I feel positive, empowered, and am more proactive than I was. I couldn't recommend Jas Bamra highly enough. Professional and thorough.



Prior to RTT, I had massive issues with overeating. I was constantly thinking about food, craving food, compulsively eating. I did not have any inclination to eat healthy nutritious foods and just wanted junk.

The session uncovered the root cause for why I had been behaving the way I was, even though I had tried exploring this for years. I understood where in my childhood I had developed unhealthy beliefs and habits around food, and that is not something I had realized before. I also felt extremely relaxed, comfortable and safe with Jaspreet's guidance.

I have lost 10 pounds in a month and it has been completely effortless. I don't constantly think about food anymore. Infact, I am finding my energy is much more occupied with other exciting things! I feel more confident in my body. I also look back at the amount of junk I used to eat and feel confused and no longer identify with that person anymore.


ALESSIA TRUNCALE (Mascouche,CANADA) - ​ANXIETY over BREATHING after feeling sick with COVID-like symptoms

I felt so much despair... I felt like I was spiralling downwards so bad. The main issue was I couldn’t stop thinking about breathing/controlling my breathing after feeling sick with Covid-like symptoms.

I absolutely loved the session. I immediately felt comfortable with Jas and opening up with her felt super easy. It made me dig deep and understand why I was feeling how i was feeling about the issue. I felt peeled apart for a few days after but the whole experience was intense in a good way.

I love listening to the recording every day - a little over a month now. It reminds me and gives me confidence in myself. I find myself repeating sentences throughout the day and this helps me. Jas is amazing and her weekly check-ins always seem to come right when I need them. 100000000 times yes to recommending her to anyone who’s not feeling well in their mind and/or body right now.



I had difficulty attracting and maintaining healthy relationships.

During the sessions I was quite emotional as I was acknowledging past issues known and unknown to me. Jas was a wonderful guide throughout the session. I felt safe with her and didn't feel the need to inhibit the emotion I was feeling and experiencing during the session. After the session I was feeling a little drained due to emotions and crying etc but in time I started to feel more positive about my situation.

I feel confident in myself. I don't feel needy of a partner or the feel to find one in order to feel fulfilled in myself. I am dating and I am finding there are many people who are interested in getting to know me. I feel more whole in myself. I recognise myself better as a person, my achievements, qualities etc. I enjoyed working with Jas. She provided great support after the session and I felt it was so easy talking with her and being open about my feelings.



I have specialist exams for my occupation. I have failed before and it felt like a chore revising and I knew I was also procrastinating.

The session was amazing and brought up very unexpected things. Childhood memories about what I was thinking came up. It was very insightful and I realise there were a lot of limiting beliefs that I was holding on to and I had been carrying all my life. I realised that they once served me but were no longer needed. I let them go. It also made me realise things I always knew but the session allowed me to process this and make me aware that belief also had no use for me anymore.

I have become more focused with revision and concentrate. The recording made after the session I believe does work and I continue to listen to it.



I felt discouraged because of sleep issues and sleeping with the pill really bothered me.

It was my second session with Jas, and I felt lighter after the session.

Jas is absolutely amazing, so sweet and listens to everything you need to say with an open heart. She makes you instantly feel comfortable. I enjoyed the sleep recording - I would fall asleep during it and found myself repeating certain things that were said in the audio throughout the day. Sleep comes easily and naturally to me - as it did when I was a child :) I stopped the sleeping pills, making my body and mind work through everything naturally! Thanks again Jas!



A big thank you to my client for this testimonial!



VIDEO TESTIMONIAL​ - September 2020 - Back to mother's womb for sabotaging relationships

I'm thrilled and so grateful for this fascinating video testimonial from my client.


Feeling totally disconnected from her female friends, always sabotaging her relationship with them and turning down invitations to meet up, she was frustrated with herself. Guilt and confusion followed her each time she somehow refused to be with them.

Almost hitting 40, she'd had enough and came to me for a Rapid Transformational Therapy session. What followed was nothing short of fascinating and eye- opening. For her issue, she regressed to being back in the womb, she made an amazing discovery!

Watch her speak about her session and how it has now changed her whole interaction with her female friends. Gone is the disconnection and hesitation. I'm so happy for her.


I was struggling with relationships and struggling with a feeling disconnection an outsider. I sabotaged my female friendships. I was hurting their feelings by not caring and being inconsistent, to the point of completely ignoring them.

The RTT session was amazing. I understood why I do what I do. Jaspreet was wonderful at navigating me through my memories. She knew exactly where to point me and what to look at. I cried a lot. My disconnection came from the feeling of not being enough for my friends. I had to please everyone and make up a lot of untrue stuff about myself to make myself sound interesting because without it I thought I was nothing. We smashed that belief. I also discovered that my feelings of disconnection came from when I was in my mother’s tummy. I already felt disconnected there because I knew I was separating from the source love energy. I never knew what love was until RTT with Jaspreet. I remembered!!!! I feel amazing!!! Thank you so much Jaspreet.

Months after RTT, I now feel enough in all my interactions with my friends. I engage in conversations and feel good to be involved. I call my friends and ask them out. I give my friends 1:1 time which I never did before. I don’t have to please anybody... I am enough. The recording is great, it helped me so much thank you. I would highly recommend Jaspreet. Her support and knowledge is phenomenal.



AJ - Confidence and speaking up for a new, transformed life - September 2020

Before the RTT session, I was always insecure and always kept thinking what people think of me. I couldn't speak up, yet I wanted to stand up and speak up without having that fear of what people will say. I believed I will never be good enough no matter what I do professionally and personally. In self confidence I was always fighting with myself. Life was hectic and I felt like I am caged and want to be free. I felt anxious even though I was doing yoga, journalling etc. A part of me was still stuck somewhere, that's how my life was. I was feeling drained as well, always having this fear in me, yet I felt deep down I am born for better things. But I always asked myself, how do i come out of this rut? At work I felt like one day I will simply collapse. I wanted to shut myself from the world at times, but couldn't because I didn't want to fall in depression. So that is how my life was everyday, trying to be motivated but still was always having my own battles to be at peace and relax within myself.

The RTT session was overwhelming, tense and emotional. During the session I felt like an onion. Things that I had been holding and carrying for all these years, were peeling off like a layer and being shredded. I felt like I was releasing all this baggage I had been carrying, and the best part of it, I discovered during the session it wasn't my fault, which made feel so relieved. I discovered I was this innocent girl and went through so much and kept blaming myself for something I didn't do or had unknowingly built over the years.


After the session, I felt this peace, a big breath going in and releasing out, and felt my inner child has been given her justice and freedom finally, and made her alive again :). I also discovered some things about myself that made me feel that hey I am confident and bold, and I am able as well and to stop putting myself down. Honestly I feel at peace, confident and relieved, both for work and personally. I am able to handle things in a much more calm and confident way, and can now speak up without fear, voicing my opinion in a much bold and good way.

The recording is amazing! Every time, everyday when I hear it, it reminds me of being that person I have always wanted to be and it keeps me grounded. Every time I listen to it, I discover small, little, new things, like e.g. after all these years at work I was finally able to tell them I am done with your drama and am ready to move on, which I couldn't do before. I was always scared what will they say, what will the outcome be, but now am not scared. My spirit is free so that means I am ready for new things, like I said shedding old skin and growing new skin, starting afresh. I am so happy that I did the RTT session with Jas. I don't know how to thank her, she's really done wonders by taking me through this session, even words can't describe it. I feel good, lighter, happier calmer, bold, beautiful, and this has also happened at the right time before my new married life. I am now able to handle this new life of mine, both personal and professional. She's really made me feel like this new born child girl, who can live again and go for her dreams. 


RTT is something I would recommend people to do, I am not just saying this, but hey people it's worth a try, especially in this time of our lives where we are facing new challenges, like Corona, our economy struggling, so in this time we need all the positivity, help and good energy we can get that will take us through this and better ourselves. Thank you Jas for this! 1000 blessings and hugs. :) :) God bless.




Before the RTT session:

1. I was going through a lot of anxiety and procrastination, which affected my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It usual gets worse and then my sleep gets affected and I go into dull moments and bursts of energy to get things done.

2. Life was taking shape, because I was pushing myself to start living in an active mode and stop being reactive. The routine was not very productive and it was getting difficult to reconcile past and accept the present and have hope for the future.

3. The presenting issue was rejection, hopelessness and anxiety.

4. The issue was affecting my tummy, sleep and general happiness. It was hard to be calm and positive. I also felt sad a lot and unworthy.

The RTT session:

1. The session was brilliant, long yet you couldn't tell where the time went.

2. During the session I felt calm, but vulnerable and right after the session, I felt a lot of relief.

3. The main A-Ha moment was the connection that I was born a girl and not accepted for my gender and that I was useless, and this waste became a part of my IBS and since then I have been living with a feeling of being worthless because I am a waste.

4. Beliefs I released- that what someone else thinks of me, does not determine my worth. That life, is worth living and I am valuable. That I am loved and lovable. The main transformation was that I am not useless, but worth loving and lovable.

Post RTT (more than 1 month later):

1. I feel calm and well. The recording helped etch the words "you are lovable" so whenever I feel things are not going my way or I am sad, I remind myself that statement and things get better.

2. RTT helped unblock the anxiety in my IBS that has literally disappeared.

3. I now don't have very bad days of unfinished business. Life is smoother. I am not stuck in my IBS and lounging in procrastination. I have more courage and clarity to choose what is worth my time and what is not, who is worth me and not. I feel satisfied and sleep better.

4. Jas is an excellent RTT Practitioner and I definitely recommend her.

5. The weekly check-ins and coaching/guidance have helped me because it showed she cares and the follow up was warm.


MR (Albania) - Unhelpful thinking, suicidal thoughts and panic attacks - Oct 2020

I am grateful and humbled by my client's words.

(TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of suicide)

At first I should say that life has been preparing me for this transformation I think for many years , but it all started when I was having strong and severe anxiety also many panic attacks during the day even without any reason. After consulting with doctors and psychiatrists, the only thing they gave me were medicines and I took them for at least 4 months.

After that, I took a year's break from all those pills, but the panic attacks started again and even more stronger. I could not sleep at night because of the fear, I felt my body was going in the air, I had an emptiness in my stomach, it was such a terrible moment. So, I went back to the medicines again. Even during this time I was not really happy taking the pills, so once again, after 5 months, I decided to go off them and tried to do my best.

During this time, mentally I was not really ok, because I had my mind going on and on during day and night without stopping, I was thinking and controlling everything around me, and I could not relax. This was a period when the pandemic Covid-19 came, and I was having all these issues. The anxiety increased even more, I could not even eat properly. Economically we were really bad, we could not afford even going to the end of the month without the help of my parents, and that too just for food.

Negative thinking was going badly, because during this time I started thinking about a previous relationship of mine many years before, where the person I was dating had died, killing himself. I had always had a sense of guilt around that time, and even now, after 5 years of his death, because I have a beautiful family with my husband and two healthy children. I was thinking everything that was really unhelpful about what he did and thinking maybe the same things will happen to me, or to persons close to me.

During the pandemic in our country, people that could not afford being affected with Covid-19 had died, killing themselves, and I was going around thinking the same, but not speaking out loud to anyone, just seeing myself jumping from s building as they did. At that time, I think it was the worst period of my life. I could not make myself relax because of the fear and the voice inside my head that was telling me to go and take my life or that the same thing will happen to me.

So, this was what then led to me to contact Jaspreet. I had tried meditations, affirmations, listening to every known person on the internet who could help me but I had no result. During this time, the only thing that gave a strong feeling of life was praying to God, and the RTT sessions.


After having my first session with Jaspreet, I was in shock I think, because I could not believe the powerful moment I had. It was really intense, crying and releasing everything from my childhood. It was a whole month and things were shifting really, listening everyday to the recording that Jaspreet gave to me, even for 2 -3 times a day.

At the end of the month we had a talk and I decided that I really needed another session because the voice inside my head was still there, even though not as loud as before, but still telling me silly things again around my presence here in life.

So I had another session of RTT. In this second session, Jaspreet went to the root of this silly feeling in me, and I discovered something that had happened in my childhood that I did not even remember. So it was the thinking of a child, who did not know a lot of life, that was still there inside of me. She released it, and I can truly say that the second month was so good. I could not even think negatively, even though I was really accustomed to it. Now I was programmed more into thinking positively, and listening to the recording just once a day.

My self confidence was increasing, and I was letting things shift without controlling it all. My relation with God was really so strong during this time and knowing that we are protected and guided as Jaspreet says, was really helpful. The relationship with my husband and my children was much better, I felt love and joy even just seeing them that before I did not appreciate. I was so grateful for everything around me.


Now, after two intensive months, I can say that everything I experienced was good because it led me to more positive feelings and attitudes.

Now, I am more confident and I can talk to myself or to my inner child inside when she is scared, with warmth and kindness.

I think the RTT sessions helped me immensely to transform the way of thinking, and knowing that everyone experiences a lot, negativity is a part of our life, but what we can do is to became aware of it, and just say, I let you go because I do not need you anymore.

I think I had an intention to really help myself to be a better person, and this is the first thing we should have, the intention to transform our life, and then everything will shift in the right place in the right moment. We do not need to rush or force things to happen, just stay and receive it.

Jaspreet is a really kind person, so nice and gentle. At first I was a little afraid of telling her everything because I was feeling ashamed, but she made me feel so comfortable to tell her everything. I recommend everyone to look for solutions, because sometimes we try but we need someone to orient us in the right path, as Jaspreet did with me. I am really grateful that God brought her to my path and let her to help me with everything, recording, check-ins, talking, she was always there. Thank you Jaspreet.


SS - Social anxiety and panic attacks when going out


Before my first RTT session, I was quite anxious and would have panic attacks when I'd go out (especially on trains) and I also struggled to eat socially. It got to a point where I wasn't able to enjoy social occasions with my friends and it was becoming quite frustrating. I didn't see the point in going out if I was going to have panic attacks every time. The anxiety/panic attacks also affected the way I dressed as I started to wear only loose clothes so I felt like I could breathe if I was to have a panic attack later. If I had to go somewhere by train, I would have someone with me in case something happened or I would go by car instead. I stopped enjoying the process of getting ready like choosing an outfit and putting makeup on.


The session started off really relaxing and I was able to recall memories I didn't even think had anything to do with the anxiety that I felt. I got to the root feeling of shame and embarrassment and visualised a physical embodiment of this so I could imagine letting these feelings go. After the session, I felt quite positive, confident about myself and enlightened about how the past was affecting me today. The positive affirmations Jas was telling me in my recording and during the session (even before the session and after) was also really encouraging.


Since the session, the anxiety/panic attacks I used to experience reduced a lot and if I do still get panicky when I go out, it's less intense and manageable. I'm aware of when I start to feel panicky and I have a coping mechanism that helps me through it. If I do start to panic I find it easier now and I know I can stay in that situation and get through it because I know that it will pass. I enjoy going out with my friends again and enjoy getting ready and putting makeup on. I don't consider potential panic attacks when choosing an outfit to wear, I wear the clothes I like to wear just like I used to. I've been on trains by myself since the session and it's felt normal again. I also started to try and push myself to eat in social situations unlike before when I refused to even try. Whenever I update Jas weekly I always feel so supported as she highlights the good things I've achieved per week which is highly encouraging. I couldn't recommend Jas enough to someone interested in RTT as her genuine support makes the transformational experience a lot easier.

SS - Anxiety eating around people


Before the RTT session, I was finding it difficult eating in front of people to the point where I would refuse to and not even try. It would make me so anxious that it felt like my throat had closed up and I'd be unable to swallow any food. I would go out with my friends or be in social settings with my family and be the only one not eating. It would make me feel really awkward and anxious so I started to refuse going to certain social places like restaurants where I knew I'd feel uncomfortable.


The RTT session was quite eye opening for me. Jas was able to connect things from my childhood to my eating problem now which is something I wouldn't have linked together myself. Naturally, I felt enlightened after the session like I had more insight into the problem I was going through. It made me break the bond between my thoughts about eating in front of people and physically not being able to eat. Slowly, I started to try and eat in front of friends and family when I felt comfortable to do so.


Post RTT, I feel comfortable trying to eat in front of friends and family thanks to the bespoke recordings I've been listening to which are filled with positive affirmations about my eating and just generally are really positive and relaxing to listen to. I feel stronger in myself where I don't let other people's comments about my eating get to me like they used to. My eating has improved where I've been around friends and family and have eaten in front of them after a long time. I have also felt motivated and determined again to try to gain weight which is something I stopped focusing on when I was going through the worst of my eating problem.

Working with Jas has been quite life changing, in a short amount of time I've made a lot of improvement in certain aspects of my life so I'd definitely recommend her to others. Her weekly check-ins and guidance have made me feel so supported, I can't thank her enough. Now that my sessions are over, Jas has still made me feel supported by letting me know to keep in touch and update her on my achievements.

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