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Marisa Peer, founder of RTT, explains what RTT is, why it is so rapid and effective and how it works.


Brings permanent, powerful, pervasive change into your life in one (or up to three) sessions for your issue.


RTT is a unique, hybrid therapy that embraces, and goes beyond, many positive aspects of traditional hypnotherapy methodologies such as hypnosis, CBT, psychotherapy, healing and neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP).

Developed by the highly acclaimed and respected therapist, Marisa Peer, RTT is a one-of-a kind method that equips its practitioners and therapists with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just in teaching you how to communicate with your subconscious mind, but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages may be there.

How does RTT work?

Your subconscious mind has a memory of every single event, feeling and experience that you have gone through since you came into existence.

Using hypnosis, as a safe, quick and easy means, you will be able to gain access to, and directly communicate with, your subconscious mind. When in hypnosis, you are NOT asleep, in fact, you are awake and alert, and FULLY in control. It is a very natural state, similar to day dreaming or meditating, where you are in full awareness of yourself.

RECONNECT with the REAL you using the FOUR 'I's:

  1. ​INVESTIGATE - You will be able to regress to scenes, all to do with the cause of your presenting issue.

  2. INTERPRET - Using various RTT techniques, you will be guided to interpret why, when, where and how you formed certain beliefs that caused your presenting issue.

  3. INTERRUPT - Together, we will then interrupt the old thought patterns and beliefs, as they no longer serve the 'you' that you are today.

  4. INSTALL - Using powerful and unique RTT techniques, we will replace the old, outdated beliefs with new, transformational ones that will lead you to successful change and freedom; reconnect you with who you are today.

For most issues, ONE RTT session is enough, however with some things such as long term depression and anxiety, more than one session may be needed.


Who is RTT for?


Everyone has various issues they need help with in their lives. Are you:


  • Struggling with moving through your grief?

  • Struggling with anxiety or depression?

  • Experiencing panic and constant stress?

  • Too overwhelmed?

  • Feeling low in self-esteem or confidence?

  • Experiencing difficulty in speaking up?

  • Looking to improve your performance in your education, career or personal life?

  • Looking for help dealing with trauma, pain,grief, anger?

  • Unable to fall asleep, and if you do, unable to have a deep, uninterrupted sleep?

If you have said 'YES' to any of the above, then RTT can lead you to rapid, phenomenal and lasting change.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, so feel free to get in touch, no obligation to see if RTT can help you.

NOTE: Hypnosis is NOT suitable for epileptics unless supported by a doctor's note, or for people with psychosis.

Statements and products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure nor prevent any disease or illness. When dealing with a physical and/or mental illness or disease always consult your GP, consultant or health care provider before making any health care decisions.

How does the RTT process work?

FREE DISCOVERY CALL (approx. 30 minutes) 

What is the issue you want resolved?

This is your opportunity to speak to me, ask any questions and see how best I can help you.

We will then book your chosen service by fixing an appointment date and time.

(Note: All information shared with me is kept strictly confidential.)


You will then be sent some forms to fill in and return to me before your RTT session.

RTT SESSION (approx. 3 hours)

Session includes:

- Brief chat, going over your forms

- Induction into hypnosis

- Regression and investigation into the cause of your issue

- Transformation and bespoke cure, which reframes your old scenarios and beliefs, and installs incredible, new beliefs

POST RTT SESSION (on-going for 21-28days)

You will be sent a recording of your personalised cure, which you will commit to listening to daily for at least 21days.

I will conduct regular follow-ups with you during these 21-28 days to see how you are getting on, and to offer any extra coaching, support and advice.






Single package:

Includes free breakthrough call, single RTT session with personalized recording and follow-up coaching and support for up to 28 days.

Package bundles:

Based on your requirements, this will allow you to opt in for a multiple package of 2-3 RTT sessions with follow-up coaching. 

NOTE: Payment plans are available





Depending on the topic of the workshop (between 1-2 hours), this includes a presentation and talk, with a group hypnosis session (approx. 20 minutes) to install  powerful and transforming beliefs. 

Example workshops: Coping with stress, performance improvement, confidence and many more.

Self hypnosis recordings are a powerful way to make changes and improve yourself.

You can choose to have a  personalised hypnosis recording made just for you for any issue that you want to work on.

Examples include: Confidence, performance improvement in work/skills, success and wealth abundance, improved relationships, better coping skills and so many more.

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Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists


Hi! I'm Jaspreet (Jas) Bamra and I welcome you to my website.

I am a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner, an exercise-to-music fitness instructor, adult education literacy and health tutor and coach. In my working life, spanning over 20 years, I have always had a passion to help people see the best in themselves and bring that best out to the forefront.

I believe we are all limitless and capable of achieving our desires in every aspect of our lives from relationships, health, career and education, to financial abundance and being of service to others.

Why choose me? My personal story


I am no different from you. Like you, I too have had my share of tragedies and triumphs in my life. I have lived across many continents and cultures and I can relate to the many issues that we all face in the different phases of our lives.


Born and raised in Kenya, to parents of Indian-Sikh origin, I understand the religious and cultural aspects that many of you may be trying to integrate in to your already fast-evolving, multicultural and diverse environments.


As the eldest, and only daughter, out of 3, I grew up in a mostly loving household that was for the most part normal. Unfortunately my father suffered from alcohol addiction, and I grew up fairly quickly to become the 'stronger one' in the family, a role that I lived up to for most of my adult life.


I did my Bachelor's degree in Montreal, Canada and learned to integrate and adapt to the different culture, living on my own, away from my family, for 3 years, appreciating the value of family and belonging. 

Once back in Kenya, I was married at a very young age of 22. My role in life changed completely from a young graduate to a young wife and daughter-in-law, and somewhere in between that transition, I feel I lost my identity. I muddled along in this new role as best I could, did what I 'should' and ticked all the boxes that were considered the norm. And yet, I felt as if something was amiss.


I then moved to the UK in 2001 with my then husband. It was not easy starting up in a new country. Despite my first class degree, I struggled for many months to get a good job. My confidence was knocked, and I questioned my decision making in moving to the UK. As I began my job, my relationship with my husband began to crack. The years went by, I had 2 beautiful daughters and took a break from working, swapping this role happily with the role of motherhood. The cracks in the relationship got wider, and caused my own health to suffer, my weight to increase. I listened to the 'outside' and kept it going for as long as I possibly could, until I learned he had cheated. Finally in 2008 I separated, and in 2009 the relationship ended in divorce. At the same time, my father, who had succumbed to liver cirrhosis, passed away in 2008. Grief and depression made an entrance in my life, and as a single mother, I somehow picked myself up and moved out to begin my life from scratch with my 2 little daughters, both my strength and my weakness.

I struggled with finances, and was limited to working part-time, so I retrained myself to get into teaching. This allowed me to be there for my daughters when they needed me, and to make a meaningful career externally, where I made a difference to other people's lives in my own way. For almost 7 years after my father's death, my family and I dealt with the extreme stress of legalities involved in bringing my mother over to the UK, coping with difficult legal procedures, longed-out court cases and the emotional trauma of separation.

The years taught me resilience, the power of owning my life, it's decisions, the re-gaining of lost confidence, faith, self-esteem, overcoming stress, developing extraordinary coping skills, and letting go of relationships that no longer served me; to live my life to the best for myself and my daughters. I tried many self-help processes and began to recognise the power of my thoughts, my words and my beliefs. Meditation and prayers carried me through many tough times, however I knew I had more in me, so I kept going. 

When I discovered RTT in 2019, it was like coming home. I had finally found a modality that worked with the mind directly, quickly, with astounding results. I have used RTT in my own life to overcome limiting blocks in abundance, confidence, health and weight. I am by no means perfect, and I continue to work on myself to make my life even more amazing than I could ever imagine. I am at peace and grateful and my beautiful daughters are intelligent, confident and excelling in their lives, both personal and in school. 

Why am I telling you all this?

We all know and feel that we are capable of so much more in life, of having a purpose, of making a difference, all the while feeling happy and at peace, regardless of the external circumstances.

Yet most of us simply yearn this feeling. We feel a disconnect, a sense of not being/doing/feeling enough. I felt this most of my life.


We keep asking ourselves the classic questions:

Who am I? What is my purpose? Do I matter? Why am I even here? There's got to be more to this life, hasn't there? Why me? Why does this happen to me? Why is life so difficult and confusing? How can I cope? How do I feel better? How do I help others when I can't even help myself? How do I go on? Is it even worth it?

These were some of my questions, and the simple answer is YES! You are worth it, you matter, you have purpose and you deserve all the joy and happiness you want.​

The good news is that I can help you. You don't have to suffer through years of therapy and pain. I can help you get to the core of your presenting issues fast, and together we can allow you to RECONNECT with the REAL you - the healthy you, the successful you, the joyful you, the inspiring you, the YOU that you know you are capable of. Get in touch with me today and together we can take you one step closer to the best version of you.




In-person sessions: London, UK

Online: Worldwide sessions via Zoom



Let's get on a call and speak!

I will explain my RE-Programme with Jas

with Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching.

We can discuss your issue in person to see how I can help and give you all other information such as duration and investment.